User Study

補記一下上次去Hao meeting的重點,這次主要是投CHI的 經驗分享,尤其是在最後做user study的 時候,有不少寶貴的經驗可以讓我們參考。

1. User study is Expensive
 I think most problems dicussed are all around this. Since it is too expensive, we have to make sure everything is done before the study.  In another word,  there are something we should bare in mind before the test. 

(a) Never Debugging Via User Study. 
(b) Run an complete Test Before The User Study
(c) Carefully Choose The Participants.
(d) Clearly Define the Test Rule, and Make Sure All The Participants Understand.

2. Log
(a) Try to record any information in the study.
(b) Record them in a proper form. 

For logging, there are some related issue we've discussed in the meeting:
Server-based: be careful of the internet problem. 
Client-based: how to merge data from different client.